We are all familiar with recycling whether in our homes, at work or when we are out and about. At Gethsemane Cemetery, we are held to the same requirements as most of you and have been recycling our refuse from our office and maintenance operations for some time. We have also been recycling the organic matter from the trash can on the grounds, but this requires us to manually separate the trash from the organic matter by hand. We have often thought, there must be a better way.

We have decided to phase in a multi-can collection system similar to what you may find at other locations, in multiple areas of the cemetery. There will be three cans at each location; a black one for trash. a green one for organic matter (grass, flowers, dirt), and a blue one for single stream recycling (bottles, cans, flower pots, cardboard).

Our goal is to reduce the amount of material sent to landfills and keep all of the organic matter onside as it is used to supplement organic matter in our topsoil piles.

Bright sun over colored recycling bins
recycling bins