Securing peace of mind should be affordable!

For under $28 a month with no money down, you can choose from grave space for two including foundation or niche space for two at Gethsemane Cemetery or two graves spaces for four at St. Mary Cemetery. We also have our Bornemann Niche Drawer for $695, which includes space, opening charge and name plate.

By scheduling your no obligation appointment now, you can…

Be part of the conversation.

Eliminate the burden on family members.

Secure price protection.

Have Peace of Mind.

The cost of delay

A gift

At everyone’s death, the proper disposition of his or her mortal remains becomes the difficult responsibility of someone. If he or she has not previously accepted this unwanted but inevitable obligation, someone must accept it for them. You see, it is never a question of whether it will be done, but rather when and by whom. Preplanning is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and your loved ones.


Preplanning your burial arrangements allows for a matter of choice rather than one of necessity, giving a voice to the one who has passed and eliminating the question we hear time after time. …”What would they have wanted?” Preplanning also allows for decisions to be made in a more relaxed atmosphere, providing for rational decision making based on what best meets your needs, rather than allowing emotions to influence your decisions during a time of loss.


While it is possible that life insurance will help to fund the cost of your funeral expenses, it is NOT possible for life insurance to offer peace of mind to your survivors who are burdened with difficult decisions. Preplanning not only allows you to save that financial burden from being passed on to another family member at the time of need but you have protected yourself and them from rising costs.

People do not want to burden loved ones with planning their final burial arrangements, but often struggle with how to start the conversation. At Gethsemane Cemetery, our dedicated staff will walk you through the process, making it simple and convenient, so you can have that conversation. Empowering your loved ones and relieving the burden, when it matters most.

Pre-planning can eliminate…

  • Having your family ask “What would Mom have wanted?”

  • Emotional overspending.

  • Uncertainty as to whether the right decisions were made.

We understand how difficult it can be to start the conversation. Our Family Service Staff will guide you through the process, allowing you the freedom to make the choices that best fit your needs.

Gethsemane Cemetery has been serving the community since 1895.

Our Sales and Administrative staff have over 100 years combined Cemetery experience.

We belong to multiple Cemetery associations including the CCC, ICCFA, and the PCCFA, in order to continue learning and sharing with other experts.

It is as simple as…


Schedule an appointment


Allow us to walk you through your options


Have that important conversation with your loved ones

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“This is a very difficult time in our lives; Mike handled our situation with care. He showed empathy and kindness during our first meeting, at the time of our little boy’s funeral, and after. I have been to the cemetery every day since May 9th; all of the groundskeepers are pleasant. I will recognize Perry. He introduced himself to me and helped me understand where I could plant flowers. He also offered to help me clean old flowers. Everyone is very kind.”

“The cemetery is a very welcoming, peaceful, sincere and loving cemetery. I am glad my dad’s final resting place is just that. It is very well kept and I would recommend this a peaceful resting place. Thank you so much for all of the sincere efforts put forth by your facility and staff in making my dad’s memorial services as sincere as they could be at a difficult time.”

“This experience was not exactly a pleasant one. However, Larry was “exceptional” by his: thoroughness, his knowledge, his expertise, patient and certainly his cordial attitude. We found it very easy to handle this chore, primarily due to his total involvement.”

“Mike was excellent. Earlier today when I called the office I appreciated that Karen remembered my name when transferring me to Mike. It meant a lot to me that Mike was present, kind and respectful at my dad’s graveside ceremony. His commitment to good work, compassion, and service excellence shines right through. Thank you, Mike.”

“The weather on the day of burial was terrible (snow and high winds). Since it was not safe for a tent, they arranged for the committal service to be in the mausoleum which was more than expected. We appreciated this very much.”

“The staff at Gethsemane Cemetery was very helpful in explaining the procedures and costs up front. During a difficult time like this, it was a relief to know that we were working with very organized and professional staff. Tim was especially helpful and led us through the process.”