St. George Ossuary


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Product Description

The Ossuary at the Gethsemane Cemetery, is a shared inurnment space within the St. George Atrium niches. The Ossuary was created to provide a dignified and economical option for the permanent placement of cremated remains. Often times, cremated remains are relegated to a closet or even left behind when a family member who may have had custody of cremated remains, passes away. Gethsemane Cemetery has numerous options for the permanent placement and memorialization of cremated remains, and this is just one of those options. We invite you to contact us to discuss all your options.

The Ossuary is a shared inurnment space, accessed via 3 granite panels located within 3 of the existing niches. Inurnment in the ossuary is permanent and no dis-interment shall be permitted, under any circumstances.

There is no physical memorialization, but Gethsemane Cemetery does provide free online memorials for all families. These memorials can be found when doing a records search at An individual link to the memorial can also be provided.

The cremated remains shall be placed in one of our velvet urn bags, one of the access panels shall be opened and the urn bag, containing the remains shall be placed within the ossuary space. The use of each access panel is rotated to allow for an even distribution of the urn bags, but each panel accesses the same shared space. The use of a particular access panel is not recorded.

The cost of the Ossuary space includes the space, permanent record keeping, inurnment fee and online memorialization. Ossuary space starts at $330.

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