We understand the loss of a loved one is a difficult time and the staff at Gethsemane Cemetery would like to help you through this process. Please call us at your earliest convenience, so that we may begin to assist you.

The deceased already have space at Gethsemane Cemetery.

If burial space has already been reserved here at Gethsemane Cemetery, we will just need to have you come to the cemetery office to provide the required permissions as well as verify the location and services. This should take approximately 20 minutes but we will allow extra time in order to be able to answer all your questions.

There are many details to review, but this first meeting is not the time. Our counselors will as you to set up a follow up appointment to provide you with and documents for your records and provide you with ongoing support and information.

Any information you have on the space you wish to use will assist us in looking up the information. Normally either the names of the original purchasers of the space or the names of those who may already be buried in one of the spaces is all that is needed. All of our records are electronic and lookup is generally quick.

We will need to select burial space at Gethsemane Cemetery.

If you do not have burial space at Gethsemane Cemetery, we will need to set a time for you to come to the cemetery and make a selection as well as verify the services. This can take from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Again, we will allow as much time as you need.

Bring your support.

We feel the best way for you to cope with a loss is with the comfort and support of your family and friends, so when it is time for you to meet with our Family Service staff we encourage you to bring them with you to Gethsemane Cemetery.

What about the Funeral Home?

We suggest you contact your Funeral Home of choice as soon as possible. We will work directly with them to take care of the details and to ensure your wishes are carried out.

“I have recommended Gethsemane to my neighbor. It appears to be well-managed, the manager Tim, capable, considerate and effective.”

“The men that were present the day of my father’s funeral were caring and very courteous. I feel it takes a special person to do this.”

“We had just had a huge snowstorm and I thought the cemetery was well cleaned for the funeral… This was no easy task.”

“Very high praise for Larry and all the ladies in the office! They were very nice when you walked in the office and sincere with their condolences.”

“The family and I appreciate how smoothly everything went, and the condition of the facilities. Courteous and professional personnel.”

“Every aspect was professional and everyone was very helpful. I cannot thank everyone enough for being so pleasant and accommodating.”