Funerals, aside from being a time of overwhelming grief can be very stressful on the ones you leave behind.  There are so many details to cover.  How will you know if you will have your wishes met? Will your family be able to bear the burden emotionally and financially? Who will be the one in charge of making the final decisions? If you are not sure of the answers to these questions, pre-planning is the right path for you.

Ease The Burden

Making the detailed decisions ahead of time can be one of the greatest gifts you leave your loved ones. If you pass with no plan in place, it can cause stress on your loved ones at an already difficult time. When there is no funeral plan, disagreements, confusion, even battles over minute details can occur. These kinds of frustration don’t end when the funeral is over.  The lasting scars of sadness linger. Choose to ease their burden by planning every detail in advance.

Cost Effective Choices

When families are dealing with the pain of a loved one lost, making cost effective decisions is the last thing on their minds. Money can be spent on unnecessary items while the things you place value on are overlooked. And even if you leave ample funds allocated to the cost of your funeral, will they be able to access it?  Choose to ease the financial burden by having the details planned, as well as goods and services paid for.

Have Your Wishes Met

Will your loved ones know your wishes on the disposition of your remains? Will there be a burial or cremation? Are there alternatives?  What will they write on your epitaph? Will there be a gathering after the internment? Know that your preferences will be met by choosing each detail you wish to leave for your legacy in your funeral arrangement from music choice to internment. Loved ones will find solace in knowing your preferences are being met.

Have A Meaningful Funeral

Gathering to say farewell to a loved one has lasting effects. Preparations should not be made in haste.  The ceremonial message can offer therapeutic closure to those dealing with the loss of love. Plan the moments to provide your loved ones with the foundation of healthy memories. The memory of a meaningful funeral can provide your loved ones a healthy start to the healing process.

Have Your Affairs In Order

Do your loved ones know the location of important documents? Are there decisions that need to be made relating to your financials arrangements?  By having your affairs in order at the end of your life you provide loved ones with a loving lasting legacy for their future. Caring enough to preplan your funeral arrangements can be one of the greatest gifts you leave your loved ones.

At everyone’s death, the proper disposition of his or her mortal remains becomes the difficult responsibility of someone. If he or she has not previously accepted this unwanted but inevitable obligation, someone must accept it for them. You see, it is never a question of whether it will be done, but rather when and by whom.

At Gethsemane Cemetery in Reading, PA, we would be honored to help you with the pre-planning process. Our staff can explain all your options, allowing you make a more relaxed and informed decision.

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