Cremation is rapidly growing, and those choosing cremation are doing so for a variety of reasons. For some it may be simplicity or cost. Others may look at it as a personal choice or for environmental reasons. And for some it was the only option. This past year were unprecedented times, and many families were being denied the opportunity to gather.  Cremation afforded them the opportunity to schedule the committal at a future date and time, allowing family to gather and pay their final respects.

No matter the reason, Gethsemane Cemetery understands that families are looking for options. Not everyone’s idea of burial fits within the same “box”, so we have chosen to go outside of the “box”.

Gethsemane Cemetery is shifting its focus to provide cremation and natural burial choices that align with our family’s preferences. Our efforts are being focused on being the leader in cemetery cremation choice and selection. We have chosen to provide for new, personalized, and dignified options that fit any budget.

Did you know that Gethsemane Cemetery has over 20 different cremation options currently? This includes several individual columbariums. A cremation garden that has personal columbariums, beautiful pedestals, individual cremation memorials, benches and more. As well as stone front and glass front niches in our mausoleums, and an ossuary. We are currently waiting on delivery of multiple new granite items. We also have several more projects currently being planned for development.

Many of those who choose cremation are unaware of our Natural Burial section. We look at Natural Burial not only as an option, but as an alternative to cremation. Natural burial can be simple, more sustainable than traditional burial and affordable.

While our focus will be shifting to Cremation and Natural Burial, as we have done for over 125 years, we will continue to provide for traditional burial options. Ground space sections and mausoleums are not going anywhere, but the size and scale of the past will be reduced.

We are currently in the process of redesigning our website. Our goal is to be better able to showcase the variety of options available to you. At the same time, provide you an opportunity to look around, gather information and ask questions. We invite you to contact us for more information and schedule time to come out and see what Gethsemane Cemetery has to offer.