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It is a time honored tradition in the Church that Catholics be buried in Catholic cemeteries. The Catholic cemeteries are an integral part of the Church's belief and rites. The community of those who share the same faith in life is maintained in death in the Church's cemeteries, which reflect the doctrine and liturgy of Catholic belief. The Catholic cemetery provides the assurance of permanence, reverence, and respect for the remains of the deceased.

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Throughout the Church's history the dignified burial of the dead has been ranked as a corporal work of mercy. At Gethsemane Cemetery we continue this time honored and sacred tradition.

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A number of our people are being told that sections in non-sectarian cemeteries are being consecrated as and reserved for the burial of Catholics. This is not true. You are encouraged to choose burial in a cemetery consecrated as a Catholic cemetery.

A full service modern cemetery providing mausoleum and ground space choices for interment, Gethsemane is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in eastern Pennsylvania.

Many of you have already selected Gethsemane Cemetery for your final resting place; some may be considering Gethsemane Cemetery; and there may even be some of you who have not given much thought to cemeteries at all.

We invite you to consider Gethsemane Cemetery and take some time to browse this site. You can learn about the many services we provide, look up loved ones, view obituaries and tributes, leave comments, and contact us for questions, pricing and work requests. Please visit our Products & Services page to see just what Gethsemane Cemetery has to offer. To view the 52-steps of interment click here.


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There are currently no scheduled services.

Special Events at Gethsemane Cemetery

Saturday, December 19th, 2015 - 4:00 PM at Mass at Chapel St. George

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Gethsemane Cemetery
Gethsemane Cemetery
Gethsemane Cemetery
Gethsemane Cemetery

Gethsemane Cemetery
Gethsemane Cemetery
Gethsemane Cemetery
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Gethsemane Cemetery
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